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DIRECTV Connects Your Whole-Home with Industry-Leading HD Service!

No one does HD quite like DIRECTV, giving you not only the most full-time HD channels, but more ways to enjoy fresh HD programming than ever before. DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR service can turn every HDTV in your Lacey household into one seamless home theater, with complete control from a central HD DVR!

What Can You Do with DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR?

  • Watch TV late at night in your living room, and when you’re too tired to continue, just hit pause. Then pick up right where you left off from the bedroom, once you’re tucked between the sheets.

  • Enjoy the same recorded show from multiple rooms as you put away laundry or clean up around the house.

  • Life in Lacey can get pretty hectic. Schedule a recording when and where it comes to mind, so you can stay one step ahead of “I meant to watch that” regret. Or, delete shows from any connected room to make space for new selections.
  • DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR – State-of-the-Art Equipment at Your Convenience

  • DIRECTV HD DVR – Control live TV at the press of a button. Pause for a break, rewind to see what you missed, then fast forward through commercials. Your DIRECTV HD DVR is the most advanced piece of equipment DIRECTV can offer. Set a nonstop TV lineup to your heart’s content – with over 400 hours of standard definition storage or 1 hours of HD programming!

  • DIRECTV HD Receiver – A DIRECTV HD Receiver is all you need to connect each additional HDTV to DIRECTV HD service. With a DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR, you can control up to 15 HD Receivers (and corresponding HDTVs) on one DVR system – and access the full array of DVR features from any of the 15 HD Receivers.

  • Compatible Smart Phones, Tablets and Laptops – Make the most of DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR, even from far away from home, when you sync your DIRECTV HD DVR with your handheld device. Set your schedule while you’re on-the-go around Lacey, no matter where your daily schedule takes you, and come home to a TV lineup that’s stocked full with all your favorites!

  • FREE Standard Installation Across Lacey and HD Equipment Upgrades – Call Now!

    You could qualify for FREE HD equipment upgrades with select DIRECTV packages. Get started with zero down for equipment costs and add affordable DIRECTV Whole-Home DVR service for just $3/month.

    Plus, all new DIRECTV orders come with FREE Standard Installation by a certified professional in up to 4 rooms! Answer any questions and master your new DIRECTV system with the help of a trained installer. Call now for top-of-the-line television matched by award winning customer satisfaction, from start to finish. Join the millions who have made the switch, in Lacey and across the country, to DIRECTV – America’s favorite satellite TV service.